Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beer, Beer, and more Beer!!

Have you ever thought about homebrewing? Ever wondered what the benefits are of knowing how to brew your own beer? Look no further! The School of Extended and LifelongLearning at the University of Montana offers the perfect online course for you. The Montana Brews online course teaches the basics of homebrewing and provides insights into local breweries, their signature beers, and Montana craft beer culture. Since the entire course is online and at your own pace, you can take it from anywhere at any time! Learn how to brew like a true Montanan from the comfort of your own home.

According to Destination Missoula, Montana ranks #2 in the nation for craft breweries per capita! Who wouldn’t want to dive into this area of expertise and learn the tricks of the trade? In this five-part, online course you will learn about some of the fine craft beers being brewed in the state today, with a focus on the breweries located in the beautiful town of Missoula. Montana breweries have become a very integral part of the Montana experience and attract numerous patrons, locals, and tourists alike. Breweries are also major contributors to the Big Sky State’s economy. According to the Montana Brewers Association, also known as the MBA, there are currently 53 licensed breweries operating in the state. These breweries employ more than 500 people and have an economic impact of more than $60,000,000. In this course, you will see how this profession is so successful and why the brewing industry is important to Montana. 

Not only does the Montana Brews online course provide you with an introduction to Montana’s brewing culture, it also allows you to learn how to brew some of the local signature beers. You will not even have to leave your couch to be able to taste and experience the hops and barley of one of the local beers. You will get top secret recipes for Big Sky’s “Moose Drool,” Draught Work's "Clothing Optional Pale Ale," KettleHouse’s “Cold Smoke,” Tamarack’s “Sip’N Go Naked Apricot Ale,” Flathead Lake Brewery's "Centennial IPA" and more. All of these local Missoula, Montana breweries offer a diverse variety of different beers and the recipes would be exclusive to you and your classmates.

With an amazing host like Ryan Newhouse, author of MontanaBeer, A Guide to Breweries in Big Sky Country and video insights from our best brewers, how could you not love this course and the amazing homebrews you will be making (and enjoying) in no time. Sign up today for only $50 and become the best brewer on your block. Go to to learn more about the course and to sign up today. Remember, the course is at your own pace and online, so you can take it from anywhere, at any time.

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