Tuesday, March 1, 2016

10 Reasons to Join MOLLI Today

You might be asking yourself what the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (affectionately known as MOLLI) is and how it can benefit you? MOLLI is a program at the University of Montana’s School of Extended & Lifelong Learning (SELL) that allows individuals ages 50 and over to further their education by taking exciting, noncredit courses from outstanding instructors in a wide variety of subject areas a wide variety of topics. No grades, no tests, just fun! Is MOLLI right for you? Here are some reasons to join MOLLI today!

1. World-renowned Instructors

The instructors for MOLLI are unsurpassed! They include current and emeritus University of Montana faculty as well as professionals and scholars from the community. When we say you get the most out of your membership, you truly do! Take Anya Jabour, for example. She will be teaching this spring for MOLLI. Anya was a consultant on the new TV mini-series “Mercy Street,” which premiered on PBS in January. Other well-known professors for upcoming classes include Larry Mansch, Gary W. Hawk, Dan Spencer, Anne Basinski, and many, many more!

2. Special Member Events 

MOLLI memberships also include exclusive access to MOLLI Special Member Events. Different activities are offered each semester that allow you to experience new things and meet new people. “Inside the Drama: The Montana Repertory Theatre’s 2016 Production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons,” is an example of a recent MOLLI Special Member Event.

3. Community Involvement 

Missoula is a strong community and MOLLI brings the community to the University and the University to the community. MOLLI classes bring together a cross-section of interesting people, and will allow you to engage with others you might not ever meet otherwise.

4. Non-Credit Short Courses 

MOLLI classes are offered during short (usually six-weeks) terms during the fall, winter and spring, with limited offerings during the summer. This structure allows you to continue the lifelong process of learning without the added pressure of academic credit, tests or grades. Expand your horizons and learn about topics you have never explored, or further your study of a subject you are extremely passionate about. The possibilities are endless!

5. Curiosity Never Retires 

No matter your age, you never lose the desire and passion to learn, especially after retirement when you have the time to explore. With MOLLI, you can challenge yourself while making the most of your retirement.

6. Affordable 

MOLLI gives you the chance to explore many topics and allows you an easy way to go back to school without the burden of standard college tuition. With affordable courses, MOLLI allows you to keep learning without breaking the bank!

7. A Wide Variety of Topics 

The MOLLI program offers courses in a wide variety of topics. From the humanities, fine arts, natural and social sciences, to political and current affairs, there is something for everyone. Explore one subject areas, or sample topics in each.  MOLLI provides you with the chance of a lifetime to learn things you never had the time, money, or opportunity to consider in high school or college.

8. Learning for the Joy of Learning 

This experience truly provides learning for the joy of learning. There are no exams, no tests, just fun! You can experience a relaxed classroom atmosphere where you do not have to worry about grades, but can unwind, enjoy the classes, and have fun with your new classmates. Positive feedback from past members who return for more enjoyment and individual growth are a testament to the MOLLI program, so come out and join the fun. You will not regret it.

9. Meet New Friends

This is a great chance to meet people in the same stage of life in our wonderful town of Missoula, Montana. Do not be afraid to sign up alone because there are others who are also joining solo. This is an opportunity to reach out to a group of people who share your interest in learning and community involvement. Do you have a regular group of people you spend a lot of time with? Why not all sign up for a MOLLI course together, and create new friendships?

10. Gain a Sense of Personal Fulfillment 

Accomplishing something can be incredibly fulfilling. You might have finally finished that month-long project, or remodeled your kitchen and created the space you always dreamed of. You most likely experienced the feeling of tremendous joy and personal accomplishment by overcoming a challenge. Now, instead of talking about going back to school, you can do so and gain that feeling of personal fulfillment once again by joining MOLLI. Do not wait, go to umt.edu/MOLLI and register today!

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